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“What Should I Know Before Getting Breast Augmentation?”
By: Dr. Gary Breslow, MD, FACS
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Nov 15, 2015

Things to know before breast augmentation surgeryDrs. Gary Breslow and Jordan Farkas of the Breslow Center thought it would be helpful to share some observations from former breast augmentation patients. This information can help you as you prepare for surgery and make important decisions about your upcoming operation. In this blog post, the doctors explain what previous patients say they wish they had known before having breast augmentation.

Implants do not need to be replaced regularly.

Breast implant technology has evolved considerably over the years, and today’s breast implants are safer and more durable than ever. Saline and silicone implants do not need to be replaced or removed unless a complication arises or you decide you no longer like the look of your augmented breasts.

Certain implants do need to be checked regularly.

It is fairly obvious to tell when a saline implant leaks — the liquid immediately flushes out of the implant and the breast flattens. On the other hand, it is more difficult to detect a leak in a silicone implant because of the sticky, cohesive nature of the silicone gel. For that reason, doctors recommend that women with silicone implants have regular MRI exams to check the integrity of their implants.

Don’t rely on pictures to choose your implant size.

While it can be helpful to show your doctor photographs of what you wish your breasts looked like, photos can be deceiving. The best way to choose your implants is to try on different sizes. Our surgeons have implant sizers that you can slip into your bra to demonstrate what different implant sizes will look like on your frame.

What works for your friend/sister might not work for you.

Implant size is a personal choice. The implants that your friend (or even your sister) chooses might not work for you, even if you have similar body types. There are more factors to consider when selecting your implants, such as your lifestyle. Also, it can be helpful to have the opinion of your best friend or family member, but ultimately the size and type of implants you select are up to you.

The results will settle over time.

Some women wake up from surgery and are disappointed to see that their breasts look larger than anticipated, they sit too high on the chest, or both. They do not stay this way. As the breasts heal and the post-operative swelling goes down, the results improve and stabilize.

Recovery prep is crucial.

Prepping for surgical recovery can make the experience go more smoothly. Former patients recommend that you arrange for someone to stay with you the first week after surgery. They also say that you should stock up on recovery essentials like ice packs, heating pads (for your back) and firm pillows to prop yourself up on. And, it is wise to do some meal-planning and use plastic utensils and paper goods to avoid doing dishes.

The surgical experience can be emotional.

Some breast augmentation patients have described the surgical experience as emotional and even challenging at times. Recovering from an operation and watching your body heal can raise a variety of emotions, from joy to anxiety and everything in between. Clear communication with your surgical team and your loved ones can help.

The right plastic surgeon will answer all of your questions.

When selecting the surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, patience is key. Choose the surgeon that takes the time necessary to answer all of your questions. The right plastic surgeon won’t rush you or gloss over your concerns; instead, he or she will make you feel comfortable and confident.

If you would like more information about breast augmentation surgery, please contact the Breslow Center today. You can reach us by calling (201) 444-9522 or sending us an email.

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