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Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty
By: Dr. Gary Breslow, MD, FACS
Dec 5, 2016

A nose job or rhinoplasty can address significant or very subtle imperfections in one’s nose, and reshape it in relation to other facial features. In this article, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jordan P. Farkas explains the difference between open and closed rhinoplasty.


“Hi! Welcome to The Breslow Center. I’m Dr. Jordan Farkas and I want to take a second to talk to you a little bit about cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty, which is one of the most powerful cosmetic facial operations in plastic surgery, is performed usually in my hands using the open technique. A few select patients only have a little bump here – on what is called the dorsum of the nose. In those cases, you are able to make an incision inside the nose to take out that area.

Otherwise, rhinoplasty is performed in an open approach. Here it’s under general anaesthesia, in our Surgery Center, with board certified anaesthesiologists. A small incision is made at the base of the nose – it’s totally hidden – as well as further inside your nose in order to open the nose and restructure to the nose to get you the optimal cosmetic result.


A rhinoplasty operation generally takes around two hours or two and a half hours. The patient is uncomfortable for a about one or two weeks, and may be swollen for that time depending on if their bones have to be fractured to straighten their nose, versus if there is only cartilage or tip work that needs to be done. It is a very powerful operation, as it can change your overall facial appearance, and has very high patient satisfaction scores. I think it’s really important to realize that your nose actually could stay swollen after this operation for up to a year, so the final rhinoplasty results can’t be seen until a year’s time.

The nose is made up of bony and cartilage portions which each can be shaped in order to give you the best overall shape for your nose, completing a rhinoplasty.

It’s important to know that when you go to a rhinoplasty surgeon, you want to have the best nose for the shape of the rest of your face, so it’s important to take into consideration the rest of your facial anatomy and structure in order to improve some characteristics of your nose that you don’t like.

Thanks for taking the time to listen. I hope I see you soon at The Breslow Center. Take care.”

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