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Natural Beauty with a Breast Lift
By: Dr. Gary Breslow, MD, FACS
Mar 30, 2015

While breast augmentations remain the most popular of breast surgeries, the breast lift is growing in popularity. In fact, breast lifts are the fastest growing in popularity – far above breast augmentation or implant surgery.

breast-augmentationA breast lift is different from an augmentation surgery because it does not involve the use of breast implants. Instead a breast lift raises and reshapes breasts that may have begun to sag. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and fluxuations in weight are all common reasons that women seek breast lift surgery.

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Excess skin is removed from around your breasts in order to tighten their appearance.  It is important to realize that a breast lift will not enlarge the size of your breasts but can dramatically improve your silhouette and make your breasts look younger and more shapely.

Breast lifts have become popular among patients who are either satisfied with the overall size of their breasts or those patients who would like to maintain only natural breast tissue.  It is recommended that you not undergo a breast lift surgery until after you have had all the children you plan to have and have completed any breastfeeding activity.

For more information about the beautiful benefits of breast lift surgery contact our office today.

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