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miraDry® : A Lasting Solution for Excessive Underarm Sweat
By: Dr. Gary Breslow, MD, FACS
Mar 9, 2016


Do you…

  • Sweat under your arms more than you’d like?
  • Apply antiperspirant or deodorant more than once a day?
  • Worry someone will see your sweat stains?
  • Worry that your underarm sweat stains make a negative impression?
  • Dress to hide your sweat?
  • Avoid social situations because of your underarm sweat?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, miraDry is for you.

miraDry is a permanent solution to underarm sweating and in as little as one treatment, patients can have a significant, permanent reduction in underarm sweat and odor. Since miraDry works immediately, our patient’s lives are changed the day of the procedure.

Dr. Breslow

Most people deal with the need to use chemical antiperspirants or fragranced deodorants and have to live with varying degrees of underarm sweat that ultimately result in increased dry cleaning bills, stained clothing or avoidance of particular fabrics.

While treatments like Botox are effective, they are temporary and might not be for everyone. Many of the other current treatment options have limitations or are not long lasting and could require ongoing therapy with either daily medicines, or intermittent procedures.

This changes that and makes it so you can feel clean and fresh at all times, plus you no longer have to avoid silks, satins, or any article of clothing.

Melissa Giordano, The Breslow Center’s RN and certified miraDry specialist

miradry proceduremiraDry is a clinically proven, FDA-cleared option to eliminate underarm sweating and odor.

The procedure works by delivering precisely controlled heat based energy to eliminate sweat and odor glands that reside in the underarms, which means you may no longer require deodorants or antiperspirants to cover up sweat and odor. The procedure is easy and has little to no down-time. We use a small amount of local anesthetic to insure maximum comfort, and most patients are able to go back to work that same day and standard routines and exercise can be resumed within a few days of the treatment.

If you would like to learn more about miraDry, contact us for a complimentary consultation by calling 201-444-9522 or filling out the form below.

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