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3D Imaging Before Breast Surgery
By: Dr. Gary Breslow, MD, FACS
Nov 21, 2016

In this article, New Jersey plastic surgeon Jordan P. Farkas, M.D. of The Breslow Center explains how 3D imaging before breast augmentation surgery can help you visualize your procedure’s expected results.


“Hi! I’m Dr. Farkas here at the Breslow Center. Thanks for reaching out regarding breast augmentation. So breast augmentation is an excellent procedure for women who want to improve their breasts’ shape and size. Coming in for a full consultation, we hope to use 3D imaging in order to get you the best visual identification of what implant size you think you are looking for and whether or not you may need a breast lift.

Breast augmentation is generally performed with an implant being placed underneath your muscle in order to give soft tissue coverage to the implant and enhance the overall volume of the breast. It’s important to know that the selection of the implant size will be measured in accordance with your anatomy. So a very large implant may not sit well on your chest wall – it’s not easy to compare, for example, one patient with one implant versus an implant that you are selecting because your anatomy may be significantly different.

The 3D imaging system that we have here at The Breslow Center is very useful because it is able to kind of elucidate what you may look like when you have the different implants that you are looking for, and the size that you are hoping to achieve with this procedure.

vectra 3d imaging

Vectra 3D Imaging allows you to visualize your surgery’s results during your first consultations.

Down time for the procedure is generally one or two weeks. You may be sore for up to four weeks, and no heavy lifting for up to six weeks. I generally like the patient to start doing massaging for the swelling after the incisions have healed in two weeks time. The incision can either be placed around the nipple or underneath the breast where it’s totally hidden. I prefer general to put it under the breast and inframammary fold, because your breast hangs and hides the scar in its entirety.

We can discuss these and other surgical options when you come in for a consultation. Anyway, hope to see you soon and discuss more. Thanks again!”

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