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10 New Jersey Mommy Blogs You Should Be Reading
By: Dr. Gary Breslow, MD, FACS
mom blog
Nov 28, 2017

Motherhood has its rewards and challenges; sharing advice and secrets is what these NJ mommy bloggers do best.

If you’re a mom looking for work-life balance, lifestyle and parenting advice, or just a few good laughs, here are some of The Breslow Center‘s favorite local bloggers you should be reading.

mom blog

Momma Lew

Momma Lew was started in 2010 by Reesa Lewandowski, a military mom of two kids. NJ moms will love this blog for its amazing recipes and giveaways. Reesa also shares travel tips, delicious recipes, and exclusive contests. Check out her family-friendly getaways near New Jersey and honest, detailed reviews of local restaurants and products.

Mom A La Mode

Lisa Pisano founded Mom A La Mode in 2012 as a personal outlet for sharing her family’s experiences as they relate to health and wellness, travel, home, fun, and food.

New Jersey mothers should definitely check this blog out because Lisa covers a wide range of topics that any NJ mother will relate to, such as healthy eating, local events, and reviews of great products. She always has giveaways and deals that are perfect for any NJ family, and knows how to interact with her readers.

JC Families

JC Families is the largest and fastest growing parenting community in Jersey City, NJ. Since 2010, it’s been committed to serving families in JC and surrounding areas. The site offers plenty of articles on shopping, recipes, and outings. It also has an extensive directory of local businesses.

A Madison Mom

A team of incredible writers operates A Madison Mom. Colleen Bohensky is the owner and editor, while Laura Axler, Jaime Conroy, Beth McConnell, Danielle Vintschger, and Katie Zurich are the writers. They cover everyday life in Madison and surrounding communities, with a focus on topics such as schooling, fitness, and family-friendly entertainment.

Whenever NJ mothers need to know about local events and businesses, they should check this blog out. It also gives honest product reviews, with content that’s updated on a weekly basis.

New Jersey Moms Blog

Estella, who is a mother and an entrepreneur, started running New Jersey Mom Blog in 2012. The site now covers topics that will interest any NJ mom, including nutrition, skin care, entrepreneurship, makeup, motherhood, food, fashion, and living in NJ. Estalla offers lots of fun outing suggestions and family guides. You’ll love this fashion savvy mom!

Wine in Mom

Julia, a South Jersey girl, started Wine in Mom in February 2011. She enjoys Disney, travel… and an occasional glass of red wine.

The mother of two children is also active in her local community as the president of her local MOMS Club. Julia has guides on food, drinks, gift, and travel, as well as honest reviews and a section entirely dedicated to Disney. You can also catch Julia on Scary Mommy.

Game on Mom

Denise, an NJ mother of two, started Game on Mom in 2012. She has a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree. Besides books, her favorite things are pizza, fitness, and music. Her friends Kelli and Annie help her run the site, which is a great place for NJ parents to learn about events, products, and anything that can make life easier and more fun.

The team writes about travel, technology, recipes, and parenting tips. There are also product reviews, giveaways, special deals, and coupon codes.

Mommy University

Jessica Lopa is the founder and dean of Mommy University. This blog was created to provide parents with the tools and information they need to enhance their child’s development. Mommy University believes children learn best through travel, experiences, play, as well as through everyday learning activities.

NJ moms will love this blog; guest contributors include school psychologists, special education teachers, and a guidance counselor. It promotes family life as well as healthy relationships. There’s also a section for NJ parents who have children with special needs.

Pieces of a Mom

Sheila Hill, a mom of two daughters, operates this life and style blog designed for busy NJ mothers. Pieces of a Mom features home decor, travel, food, beauty, fashion, as well as simple, accessible tips meant to make NJ moms’ lives easier and more fun. NJ moms should especially check out Sheila’s recipes and fashion picks.

Mom Home Guide

Lauren Kim is the Central New Jersey mom and homeowner behind Mom Home Guide. She loves writing about arts and crafts, interior decorating, and the joys of being a mother.

When not stenciling a bathroom, painting her kitchen, or crafting pillows, you’ll find Lauren tending to her perennial flower garden. NJ moms will love her giveaways, fun recipes for kids, and her great DIY home projects.


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